I am Melanie Kalfaian

Woman from the 90s and Full-Life entrepreneur.

Communication Manager & Event Planner

Wine and travel lover by definition.

Welcome to my digital showcase or, as I like to call it:  

The Emotion Lab!



I graduated with a degree in Communication from Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina, and with a degree in Advertising Editor from Escuela Superior de Creativos, Argentina. Additionally, I was trained in Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming as a Practitioner.

I worked for 2 years for an Argentinian company, Proteina, in 2015, where I was the person responsible for the development of the communication strategy until I founded my own agency in Communication and Event Planning "El Grillo Agency" which aims at helping small and medium companies in their national growth trajectory. 


Givenchy, Carmen Steffens, Warner Bros, MAC, Hilton, Chicas Guapas TV and Ciudad Magazine are some of the national and international brands with which I have had the opportunity to work and that have invited me to direct projects that contribute to their business objectives.


I can't define myself in just one way and I would bet you cannot do do it either! So here is a little more about me with a QUIZ:



Let's play with the typical magazine questions


1. A series that cannot be missed:


5. My best travel plan is and will always be:


a. Summer and beach

b. Mountain and extreme sports

c. I better stay home

2. I am VERY AFRAID of:

a. Public speaking

b. Travel by airplane

c. Heights

d. Cockroaches

6. If I could travel to another time for a day, I would go to:


a. Paris in the 1920s

b. New York in the 50s

c. I would travel to the future to bring innovation to the present



3. A person with whom I would like to

share a dinner:

Lady Gaga

7. My best Saturday night plan is:

have dinner in a restaurant

4. Someday I would love to:

adopt a dog

8. I can not miss in my fridge:

a. cheese

b. Butter

c. Orange juice

d. Other food:



latest jobs!

my motto

A goal without a plan

it's just a dream


on demand!

My spanish courses


This theoretical-practical Webinar was created to help you design your personal image FROM ZERO through 10 simple and straightforward keys to apply immediately to positively enhance the visual impact and hence help you achieve your goals; from the creation of your look to how to sell yourself in an increasingly competitive online universe. If you want to rethink your image in 360º, this course is for you.





Have you ever been asked for more information about your product or service and you did not know what to send? Have you ever submitted an RFP more than a week later? Have you ever sent a Word without even including your logo? If any of this happened to you: you missed an opportunity that another professional surely took for you.


The sale of your service or product is as important as the quality of what you offer. Who will trust you if what they see as a job proposal does not reflect or do justice to EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO GIVE?


In this course I am going to teach you how to put together a WINNING JOB RFP, which responds to the essential points that your client needs to know in order to DEFINITELY choose you (and even be willing to pay more).




Learn with me (Spanish)

Knowledge is meant to be shared. I'm glad you're here, so now let's get to work. No matter what phase of your entrepreneurial journey you are in, all my courses and workshops are designed so that you can take your business to another level, through simple and easy-to-understand tools (I hate technicalities), without neglecting something that is not always talked about: how to monetize my work and turn my company into my way of life (without dying in the attempt). 

Lucía Ugarte

CEO & Founder Chicas Guapas TV

Melanie is responsible and proactive and has a creative and innovative capacity that make any project she participates in a success. She knows a lot about business and is a born generator of quality content and high profitability. Leader, motivator and an excellent person.

Miranda Mougenot Mohorade
General Manager of Grupo Imagen

I worked with Melanie in organizing events for the women's market. I can say that she is very dedicated, professional, proactive and always brings new ideas that never cease to amaze. It is a great pleasure to team up with her.

Cynthia Proserpio

CEO & Founder Club Trendy

I worked with Melanie in different fashion events in which she was in charge of General Production and I always met a responsible and creative person. She is, without a doubt, a great professional that everyone should know!

You might have seen me with....


let's talk!

Some days I will be in Argentina and others in the UK , but I will always ALWAYS

have handy my cell phone or computer to reply to you ASAP.


UK +44 7464 157 307

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