Have you ever been asked for more information about your product or service and did not know what information to send? Have you ever submitted a proposal more than a week later? Have you ever been asked for information and sent a Word without even including your logo? If any of this happened to you, I want to tell you something: you missed an opportunity that another professional surely took for you.


The sale of your service or product is as important as the quality of what you offer. Who will trust you and pay you if what they see as a job proposal does not reflect or do justice to EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO GIVE?


In this course I am going to teach you how to put together a WINNING JOB PROPOSAL, which responds to the essential points that your client needs to know in order to DEFINITELY decide for you (and even be willing to pay more). Not only will you get there first, but you will get BETTER THAN ANYONE in an increasingly competitive digital universe.


1.20hs of video on demand divided in 4 modules

Downloadable resources:

- My model Job Proposal

- The step by step to put together your proposal

- The questions you need to have ready for meetings with your clients and quickly identify what they need

- Model Work Methodology to organize you in the proposal closing process and optimize your time

- Protocol to organize meetings with your clients

- Model Service Contract so that you can finish closing your proposals and give a serious framework to your company


Editable resource:

Access to a 100% editable CANVA Job Proposal template so you can design yours and you don't have to start from the blank sheet (explanatory video with step by step)

spanish course!




  • What is a Job Proposal for?

  • How to manage the relationship with customers and establish the correct contact before submitting the Proposal

  • The 5 key sections of the winning Job Proposal

  • Work methodologies: How to prepare for a meeting / Meeting Protocol / Service Contract

  • How to formally submit a Job Proposal

  • Let's get to work: Approach a model Job Proposal to personalize in Canva and build your own (The step by step to have your Proposal)




MELANIE KALFAIAN - Business Planning Specialist and Consultant

Argentina in London who travels and collects stories. Lover of details, personal care activist and professional wine taster. Dancer of living and comedian of meetings with friends. Basically I live and breathe to find tools that help brands and professionals grow and reach the next level.

Bachelor of Communication (University of Belgrano, Argentina)

(University of Salamanca, Spain)

Advertising Editor (Escuela Superior de Creativos)

PNL Practitioner (Escuela Argentina de PNL y Coaching)

Event Manager (Event Academy, London)

Melanie Kalfaian

A job proposal is a visual document that is made with the aim of presenting to your potential client what your service / product consists of, what will be the route to be taken to achieve the proposed objectives / work and what is included in your budget. In other words, it is the presentation of WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO, HOW YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT, AND WHAT IS THE PRICE OF YOUR WORK. This essential file summarizes the benefits for which you should be chosen.




- How to make a correct reading of what the client needs through 10 key questions (sometimes we fail in something as simple as KNOWING ASK and detect why our client got in touch)

- How to make a High Impact Work Proposal step by step with all the elements that it must have so that your potential clients decide definitively for you

- A 360º work methodology that orders you in your actions as a company: From how to put together the proposal, through how to organize meetings, manage companies, how to send it, register it in our system and follow it up.

- The most important thing: An image that REALLY reflects who you are as a professional and that makes you stand out from other professionals who sell the same service or product.

+ 20 editable slides

+ 100 selected icons

+ Customizable fonts, colors and images according to your brand.

The course is SUUUPER practical and Mel makes it very dynamic and easy to understand. What helped me the most was having the editable templates available at the end to quickly make my Proposal.

I was able to personalize it 100% without starting from the blank sheet which, to me, is what it always costs me the most.

Paula Cagnasso




Do you have doubts? I am here to help you with whatever you need. Write me!

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