I'm going to teach you how your business can work for you and not the other way around



The reason why

of this space...

Every message I received from professionals and students telling me how well they are doing is moving me. We only have one life to enjoy and to do what we like.

So I got to work on creating an educational space from entrepreneur to entrepreneur to share all the methods and tools I use (and I know they work because they have helped me a lot in my growth process).


I firmly believe that the road is much more beautiful if it is accompanied. I have no secrets, I share everything I know and I do everything in an intimate and close talk more than in an academic way.

We live of experiences, right? These are the PLANS that I put together and this space is all yours.

I want to make your life easier; not only for you to stand out from other professionals, also so you can learn to manage your time better. I want your job to take the place it has to have in your life and finally gives you the happiness you deserve. Because your work has to work FOR YOU and not the other way around. This is the story I want to help you to write.

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chose the most comfortable sector of your house, prepare your best drink and at the time you want to put play, I will be waiting for you. Don't forget a note pad and slippers for all of this to make REAL sense. I study from:

my Sofa



Have you ever had to design a post for social media and did not know which tool to use and saw that your competitors were doing it better than you? Have you ever had to make a work presentation? Or, for example, you wanted to design a web site and did not have the resources?


I designed this course to teach you how to make impactful designs with focus on exercises and key methods so you can learn much more than how to use CANVA.



Propuesta Webinar - 10 CLAVES PARA CONST


Have you ever been asked for more information about your product or service and you did not know what to send? Have you ever submitted an RFP more than a week later? Have you ever sent a Word without even including your logo? If any of this happened to you: you missed an opportunity that another professional surely took for you.


The sale of your service or product is as important as the quality of what you offer. Who will trust you if what they see as a job proposal does not reflect or do justice to EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO GIVE?


In this course I am going to teach you how to put together a WINNING JOB RFP, which responds to the essential points that your client needs to know in order to DEFINITELY choose you (and even be willing to pay more).

By Melanie Kalfaian





Do you prefer the self-managed study on paper? No problem! Sometimes it also happens to me that I need to reread and I find it more comfortable to have a written PDF with exercises rather than a video with image and sound. If you are in that moment of silent reflection, this free CANVA of work with the 3 steps to achieve your goals, IS FOR YOU.

Performed by: Melanie Kalfaian





and it happened


I took this photo in November 2017 on my last trip to New York.

At that moment I remember that I stood in the queue to take the typical photo on Wall Street that I proudly share here.

Why? Because that day I remember it as one of the most important in my life. With a focused mind and my hands in the right place,

I asked for the creation of this space that we share today and that I launched to help other entrepreneurs to make their projects possible.


I still cannot make a decision

It doesn't matter if your idea is brilliant or you are reversing one that already exists but that you think you can execute better. Your brand has a huge opportunity to participate in a new moment of development with millions of tools available that did not exist before. In each of the courses we will see the step by step to move from decision to action and we will take the time to think about how we want to see ourselves in the future to make it possible: A goal without a plan is just a dream.


1) These courses ARE for you If:

  • You want to do things but you feel stuck

  • You are willing to think about your business or your personal image, even if you have to ask yourself some uncomfortable questions to answer

  • If you believe that the success depends on the execution of your idea and not on magic solutions

  • You want to be condemned to succeed


2) These courses are NOT for you If:

  • Even before you start them, you already want them to end

  • You think success depends only on luck

  • You only want to open your social networks and you think that a web page solves everything

  • If you already know what you have to do (So why waste time with me?)


Some days I will be in Argentina and others in the UK , but I will always ALWAYS 

have handy my cell phone or computer to reply to your questions ASAP.


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